Best Place to Buy Marble Statues this festive seasons?

Every Hindu house in India has marble statues and idols of Gods at their homes. It brings peace, sovereignty and purity to the house. The Hindu not just pray to the idols of the Gods, but it also enhances the beauty of their house. They get peace with god statues in their homes. The Indian statues of Hindu gods are a symbol of peace, divinity and prosperity and you get one of the best interior décors for your house. Presence of Hindu god idolssathya-sai-banner in the house fill your surroundings with spirituality. Hence, people gift such figurines and statues during festive seasons, wedding ceremonies, special events, corporate occasions etc.

But the major question which lingers in our mind is from where do you get the best marble statue in India? Jaipur in India is a hub for the manufacture of all types Indian hand- crafted art. You can get the best divine collection of Hindu god statue Jaipur at highly affordable rates. Designed with great concentration, love, deftness and precision, the Hindu god statue Jaipur intricate strokes are drawn on the figurine. The lined-up statues are eye catching whether you look at it from the prospect of a buyer or devotee.

Marble statue manufacturers in Jaipur craft these statues to celebrate and worship the idols in their homes, temples and mandals showering them with all types of flowers, gifts and sweets. The Jaipurian artists struggle and perform their best to create these precise and beautiful idols with age of traditional values. Every statue holds spiritual and moral values and thus the maker and the taker have the right feelings when looking at it.

Whether you want to purchase Hindu god idols for any purpose, all you need to do is get it from Hindu god statues Jaipur. The city has the widest collection of all types of statues and idols you are looking for. If you want, you can get the marble idols and god statues online also. The finished god idols are available at highly amazing rates online. You can explore the gigantic collection of the brilliant artistry of the craftsmen of Jaipur from the comfort of your home.


Different Hindu god statue symbolizes a different avatar (power) of god. And, the best thing is that marble statue Jaipur Rajasthan is talented enough to provide you with creative statues in all forms and sizes you want. Just state the kind of statue you are looking for and it shall be made for you.

The Hindu god statues collection is widely available for you. It is the vintage Indian hand – crafted artwork. Makrana marble idols in Jaipur is renowned to produce these traditional idols at the best price with top notch skills. Each and every statue showcases a unique and gorgeous look of Almighty adding to your holiness and spirituality. Whenever person closes his eyes, he sees a figurine in his imagination. And, the Makrana marble idols in Jaipur give the perfect shape to your imaginations. Each statue and its details are handled with utmost concentration to keep the quality bar high and work as per the liking of the people.

Thus, getting idols from marble statues manufacturers in Jaipur is the most ideal solution for you. If you want the best quality at highly affordable rates, then they meet your requirements. Enhance your holiness and festive celebrations and take them to another level with unique statues from Jaipur. You will love every piece you order. Select the ones you want and order from the comfort of your home. It will get delivered to you at your doorsteps. Getting Hindu gods statues Jaipur is sacred and thus great care must be taken when you are purchasing it. Make sure you maintain respect and get authentic and well-crafted marble statues without any cracks. Send it as gifts to your dear ones and make them feel blessed with a Hindu god idol.


World Best Place to Buy Marble Statue


Marble statue is one of the best ways of decorating your house and giving it a classy and antique look. While many people prefer to place God idols in their drawing room to attract positive vibes towards their house.

So, no matter whatever the reason is but you should buy a marble statue keeping your eyes open after all they are quite costly and require lot of attention. To avoid any kind of problem there are few things which you can consider.


Important things to be considered –

Information related to delivery – This is one of the most important thing and even another tip which most of you don’t pay attention on. It is must that you have all the necessary information related to delivery of the ordered statue. You should be familiar with the parcel, its packaging and handling and transportation facility as well.

In case, you have ordered heavy statue then ask how it will be delivered. Along with all these things, also ask for the delivery time like how many days will it take although it completely depends on your location.

Bounded marble information – Most of the makers dealing in marble moorti from Jaipur use substance known as bonded marble. This is a mixture of resin solution and marble powder. Bonded marble is more durable and stronger in comparison to natural marble. So, make sure that you should be familiar with the process which is used for creating wonderful pieces.

If you are purchasing statue online then some information will be present under the details option. There you can go through the process which is involved in making the piece. Not only this, also look whether it is more fragile as it makethings more difficult especially transportation.

Reputation of manufacturer – This is the most vital tip which you cannot afford to miss. You must read all the reviews mentioned on the site about the manufacturer. This will help you in identifying whether or not the company is trustworthy and it also indicate the goodwill and reputation of marble moorti manufacturer in the market.

Most of the manufacturing firms have finest, professional and specialized moorti makers who hold expertise in their work. So, you must consider the goodwill and reputation before taking any decision. No brand will ever compromise with their quality, designing and structure.

Payment option – If you are buying any God idol or other statue online then you must check what payment options the site offer. Look whether or not they accept all major personal cheques and credit cards. Along with this, also check if you can pay with help of their secure web server at time of placing your order and even check can you mail personal cheque to them or not. There are many marble statue manufacturers from Jaipur who offer payment option like cash on delivery.

So, always look in for such dealers who offer payment option like cash on delivery along with other major payment option. Not only this, many sites even have facility of making payment in four installments if their customers prefer to. But at the same time there are many who don’t dispatch your order until and unless full balance is paid.

Type of statue – Last but not the least thing that you should consider at time of purchasing marble God statues is what type of statue or moorti you are exactly looking for. You should be clear about what you want and why you want it.

Until and unless you will not have any prospect in your mind, purchasing process can become difficult for you. You should be sure about type of moorti like its size, color or if you want any specific God idol. This is necessary because it will make choosing one among so many much simple, fast and effective.

Conclusion – In today’s date purchasing anything online or either offline has been become much easy and less time consuming whether you need to buy a party dress or Hindu God idols. So, if you are planning to buy any statue or idol of God then Jaipur is undoubtedly the best place for it.

How to Keep Hindu God Statue in Puja Room

Idol worshiping is amongst the most pious Hinduism activities prevalent all over the globe. Despite there are several religions that do not support Idol worshiping, Hinduism strongly believes in the existence of God in mud and marble statues.

How-to-keep-Hindu-God-statue-in-puja-roomThe manufacturers of marble God statues provide the exact replica of Hindu deities. Idols of Lord Lakshmi and Sai Baba statues are commonly worshiped by people at home as well as in temples.

The direction of the God Idol plays an important role in maintaining the peace of your home and keeping things productive. When the idol is placed in a suitable position, we can pray better and maintain its Holiness.

Even if you do not have a separate Puja room constructed at your home, following Vastu principles are highly intricate. The keeping of marble God idols in Puja Mandap needs special consideration. Let’s know about them in detail –

  • The puja room of your home should be particularly in a northeast direction. The puja room is best when facing the holy direction. It makes it easier to pray and gods are believed to get antagonized with the direction. It is important to clean the North East corner of the room for placing the God idols.
  • Make sure that the place is absolutely secluded and is not a disturbed by toilet, kitchen or any other construction.
  • Construct shelves for placing different God idols facing the northeast direction. You can also place the photos of the almighty in different sizes. Although faith in God plays an important role when you worship, direction equally matters a lot. It is believed that appropriate direction can ward off the effect of Evil.
  • The south direction is considered to be the best for sleeping, eating and praying. Find out the correct south direction of your room and do the activities in the correct way. According to Shastra, Corpse, and evils existing north direction. Therefore, to get the best benefits, you should choose a south-west direction.

Best-place-for-puja-roomOther important tips-

  • East North directions must be strictly avoided.
  • Apart from placing Hindu God statues, place God wallpapers inform of Flex.
  • Never place the marble God Idol or any other deity in your bedroom.
  • Electrical appliances and gas stove should not be kept around the puja room
  • The room where God statues are placed should not touch the wall of the washroom
  • Do not construct the puja room opposite to washroom
  • The puja room should always remain fragrant and free of any clutter or dirt

Sai Baba statue is known to bless the believer with good health, fate and everything desired. However, it should be always remembered that never face your feet towards any God Idol. If you wish to follow the ideal worshiping principles, visit a priest or Temple that would give you the entire hint regarding Holy Scriptures.

sai-baba-statues-saishradhamoortiartMore than anything else, it’s your belief and emotion that works to make your prayers work. God is all about endless power and strength. He would always keep you away from devils and evils if you have a firm Believer in your heart.

Always remember that once you construct the puja room, there is a limit for keeping the number of Idols in it. Get it confirmed by an astrologer or priest and dedicate a generous space of a house in worshiping the Almighty.

A temple of God is equivalent to our elders in a home. We never do anything wrong before our elders. In the same way, we should maintain the atmosphere of the temple absolutely positive and away from any negative or undesired happening.