Makrana Marble Idols: Why Makrana Stone Is Used To Make Indian Marble Statues

Stones are widely used to make idols or statues. Most of the manufacturers prefer using marble for so many good reasons. Indian Marble Statues are already in demand. This stone is easy to polish, refine, and work. It is good for idols as this is translucent. Light can easily enter and give a soft glow that makes it perfect for figurative work. It gives the feel of realism. It takes heavy polishing. It is a great stone with amazing properties that make it suitable to produce a statue or sculpture. It is soft when this stone is fine-grained, so the whole process becomes easier. Makrana stone is better than other natural stones as it is softer. This marble stone is a good material for idols. Many customers import marble statues from India.

Why makrana stone is useful

Makrana marble is used to manufacturing Indian marble statues as it is durable and smooth and famous for its amazing and fine quality. Here are some facts about Makrana Stone:

  • It is mined from Makrana, so it is named after this place.
  • It has earned fame ages back as this is the building material used in the Taj Mahal.
  • Some many buildings and monuments were built from these stones.
  • This metamorphic rock consists of up to 98% calcium carbonate.
  • This stone is found in Makrana only.
  • The price range depends on the whiteness of marble.
  • This stone is used in many renowned sites such as the Victoria Memorial, Dukhnivaran Sahib Gurudwara, Humayun’s Tomb in New Delhi, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and more.
  • It is mostly used in the sculpture industry and monuments.
  • It is chosen as “Global Heritage Stone Resource.”

Why Makrana Marble is Used to Making Indian Marble Statue:

This marble contains up to 98% calcium carbonate, and a high percentage of calcium limits the water seepage. It is eco-friendly too. Sometimes, excess iron can hamper the stone quality; otherwise, it does not change its color. It can be used for many other purposes as it never turns yellow or white. It can also be used to make hindu god idols or Marble Sculptures.

Truly Exquisites: This stone is durable, so transportation of marble statues becomes easier. It is the oldest among Indian cities. Marble stone does not need treatment and comes with many amazing qualities. It can be used for cutting and designing straight from mining.

This stone is clean: Sometimes marble stone comes with scratch surfaces and pinholes that need to be filled up. This process requires some chemicals or procedures, but Makrana Indian marble is clean and available without scratch surfaces. The shine, fineness, and quality of the Taj Mahal have lasted for decades because of this stone. It is the magic of Makrana, and that is why it is famous among the manufacturer & suppliers of Marble Statues.

Less maintenance: It needs no maintenance. It can retail its magic and shine for a long time. So marble Hindu Gods & Goddesses Statues retain their shine and beauty for a long.

Different types of Makrana Marbles: There are different types of options available in the market, so you can find the suitable one that meets your project requirements. Manufacturers of marble god statue can find the right type of stone easily.

​These are some reasons to choose Makrana Stone for manufacturing makrana marble statues in Jaipur. Most of the marble murti manufacturer in Jaipur prefers it as they believe in offering fine quality sculpture and other products. Choosing raw material to make idols or sculptures is the first and very important process, so it is good to go with the right material. Moreover, you can find reliable manufacturers online that make Indian sculptures using Makrana marble and add beauty to them with their creativity and art.

Published by Sai Shradha Moorti Art

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