How To Do Navratri Puja: Simple Worship Process of Goddess Maa Durga

Navratri in India is one of the auspicious religious festivals celebrated in almost every Hindu household. Navratri Puja is performed by the Hindus with great religious feelings and enthusiasm. “Navratri” word simply means nine auspicious nights. On these nights, people pray in front of the maa Durga murti and perform spiritual rituals. The nine days of Navratri are considered pious. Hence, it is important to know the exact customs and rituals that need to be followed to perform Navratri puja. In big temples, during Navratri, a big marble Maa Durga statue is constructed by the best statue makers in India. You can perform Navratri puja at your home by bringing a simple but beautiful moorti of Maa Durga and worship it in nine forms. If you are thinking about performing Navratri puja at your home this year, then you can easily do so by following this simple worship process of Goddess Maa Durga.

Worship process of Goddess Maa Durga in Hindu Religion

Puja Preparation: Days before Navratri, you should start looking for a marble statue manufacturer for designing a marble moorti of Maa Durga. Once you bring that moorti home, consider it an embodiment of wisdom, compassion, power, and glory. Durga Maa is known for blessing her devotees with courage and prosperity.

On the very beginning day of Navratra, the first thing you need to do is to set marble Durga idol on a chowki i.e. on an outpost. This is known as GhataSthapana and it is the start of the entire puja. Keep a clay pot beside the moorti with barley sown in it. Pour some holy water in the pot and then put some mango leaves, coins, and flowers on it. Close the pot with the help of a lid and put some raw rice on top of it. After that, by using a red cloth, you have to place a coconut wrapped in roli on top of the Kalash (pot). This whole process of establishing the sacred puja pot is known as KalashSthapana. Once you are done with the Ghata and KalashSthapana, you have to make some arrangements for the ChowkiSthapna. It is a simple process; you just have to spread the roli on the chowki and then have to tie moli around and across it. After that, place the marble Durga Devi statue right on the chowki.

The procedure of worshiping Maa Durga: It starts with lightening a Diya in front of a marble Maa Durga statue. When it comes to worship, make sure to use the five things, which are flowers, scent, incense stick, Niavedya, and Deepak.

Navratri Puja Procedure: To carry out the rituals of Navratri puja, you have to offer flowers, Diya, bhog, fruits, etc. every single day of Navratri to Durga maa marble moorti. It is believed that after all the chanting and invoking, Durga Maa visits your home and blesses your family.

Aarti: In this process, you have to decorate a thali with the help of decoration items, and then you sing the aarti song while jingling the bells and seeking blessings from Maa Duga and other Hindu God idols.

Kanya Puja on the ninth day: On the very last day of Navratri, you invite nine small girls and prepare prasad for them. You consider those nine small girls as Goddesses and this whole ritual process is known as Kanya Puja. It is believed that feeding small nine girls on the last day of Navratri brings peace and blessings to your family.

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