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These days, many people prefer to keep marble god idols in their puja rooms. Carved from different types of solid stones, marble statues are available in so many colors, sizes, and shapes. No matter whether you are keeping your marble god idols indoor or outdoor, it does require some cleaning and regular care for maintaining their delicate and smooth appearance. Acids and strong cleaning products can make the marble surface dull and etch.

So, it is advised to clean marble god idols regularly from time to time with the help of PH balanced and mild products as it safely removes debris and dirt easily. In fact, a poultice can also be used for removing deep stains which cannot be removed with a general cleaning solution.

Over time, a layer of grit and grime starts developing on them. Although, dirt is not easily visible to the eye it is still there. But, you can simply maintain Hindu God idols just by taking some care and this will not even take much time.

Some common problems associated with marble idols

Marble god statues are both brittle and heavy. So, when these factors combine with internal weakness and poor handling cracks start appearing on marble god statues. Marble is often believed to be durable and hard-wearing, these properties even make it more attractive and to its versatility and vulnerability.

Marble Ganesh ji moorti

Marble can be damaged due to so many things like when exposed to strong and acid alkalis. Vinegar, wine, and lemon juice can etch the surface and even remove polish. Whirl repeated exposure can further erode the surface.

Different ways to clean marble god statues

  • Dry cleaning- Most of the marble statue manufacturers suggest a dry cleaning method since liquid cleaning is not advisable. You can use such a product that is made of natural rubber or any spongy product which is moisture-free chemical additives and solvents. You can simply hold it in your hand and roll it slowly-slowly over the surface.
  • Waxing and polishing- In case, if the Sai Baba statues you have are damaged by some treatment and have a flat surface then you can simply go for polishing. Marble can be polished with a succession of abrasives using water in form of lubricant. This coating will reduce the roughness of the surface easily by abrading away until you get a glossy and smooth surface.

Once the polishing will be done, the surface will get its gloss back and make it look more appealing. Though, this treatment is not appropriate for historical idols, decorative art, and sculpture so it is advised to consult someone before you move ahead.

  • Try hydrogen peroxide- You can easily stain from Hindu Marble God Statues with help of hydrogen peroxide. For using this you will need plastic wrap and cover it, leave the area for 24 hours. After this, this lifts plastic wrap and wipes away hydrogen peroxide using a damp cloth. You can even repeat this process again if found necessary. One most important thing that you must know about this cleaning method is to use it very carefully because hydrogen peroxide can make marble statues lighter if they are dark in color.
  • Other ways for stain removal- There are so many things that you can do for removing stains from Hindu God statues Jaipur. You can simply apply a layer of poultice to any stained area with the help of a spatula or plastic knife. Cover area with plastic and tape in place. After this, remove plastic wrap and then check whether the poultice is dry or not.

In case, if you have or have not changed plastic wrap for the next 24 hours then the material will be complete. Then simply, rinse the residue of poultice from the statue and make it dry using a towel. This is one of the best and most effective ways of removing stains and it is even easy to consider.

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