Why Jaipur is the Biggest Market of Manufacturer of Marble God Statues?

India is the Land of Gods, and the world witnessed its austerity when they come to visit this country. In India, different regions are famous for a different form of God, all having their own divinity. Since the Hindus, the majority of India, practice idol Worship, India is one of the most prosperous and authentic manufacturers of God statues, that find their way inside temples and people’s homes.

If you are looking for creating an atmosphere of peace in your home, you might want to visit Jaipur, which is the biggest manufacturer of Hindu marble God Statues in India. There are a few things you might want to know about statue makers in India especially in Jaipur.

Why is Jaipur the Best place?

If you tend to visit Jaipur sometimes, you will find a rocky terrain with barren hills which gives Jaipur its beauty. Due to lack of water, Almost all of Rajasthan exemplifies its beauty by carving out rocks, granite, and other old aged rocks, to produce the best and most auspicious Marble God Idols.

You can find not one but many manufacturers of Hindu god statues in Jaipur, because of their abundance of rocks and skills required to convert them into beautiful marble god idols. Marble statue manufacturers in Jaipur are one with the highest skills in carving out intricate marble statues for people. The beauty of the rocks found in Aravalli and other mining processes done for the facilitation of these products in Jaipur is the reason why marble god idols can be found in abundance in Jaipur alone.

The skilled craftsmanship also adds to the veracity of their claims of being the best and largest manufacturers of god idols in Jaipur. Each of Rajasthan districts has each of the specialties that offer a different form of rocks and carvings associated with them. Jaipur is the best known for its marble statues all around the world.

One of the best qualities of marble in the world, the Makrana marble, which was used to make the Taj Mahal, is found in a village called Makrana near Jaipur. This form of marble, is essentially 95-98% calcium carbonate, the highest in the world which gives it its heritage status. It is because of the presence of this marble than Jaipur has always been the hub of the biggest and best marble manufacturing city in the world.

The government has also given huge concessions to the marble market in Jaipur due to their extra special heritage and utility, which has given our country the best marble idols one can find. These taxes cut by the government have also led to an increase in better marble production at lower costs, which makes it affordable to everyone in the country.

You should visit Jaipur for marble idols

Jaipur in Rajasthan state is one of the best sources for getting marble god Idols in India. Owing to its rich rocky surface, it has become a huge market for idol manufacturers, that ultimately go into ultimate places of worship and become the soul of houses and temples.
With the best quality of marble present in the country, Jaipur should be the ultimate destination for anyone who’s looking for auspicious Hindu god idols.

There are plenty of manufacturers present in Jaipur, that produce all kind and quality of idols needed by the consumers in this country. There are present in all shapes and forms, and sizes according to homes and temples alike. All you need to do is find the perfect match for you and the manufacturer that fits your description of worship.

Published by Sai Shradha Moorti Art

Sai Shradha Moorti Art is the manufacturer and exporter of Marble God Statues in Jaipur. We offer the Great Indian Art in the form of the best Indian God Statues like Sai Baba Statues, Dwarka Mai Statues, Ganesha Statues, Krishna Statues, Hanuman Statues, and Duttreya Statues, etc. Which are carved from the finest quality white marble only. We make all type of marble idols like god statues, handicraft, marble temple, marble jali, etc. We are the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a varying range of Marble Moorties/Statues in India. We carve statues as per the Customer’s specifications in different designs and styles. Our main motto is to provide the best marble god statue to our customers in India. We are also famous as the best Sai Baba Marble Statue Manufacturer in Jaipur, India. For more information please visit our website.

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