How We Should Worship Sai Baba at Home?

Sai baba statues
Sai baba statues
How We Should Worship Sai Baba Statue at Home-SaiShradhaMoortiArt

How We Should Worship Sai Baba Statue at Home-

As sai baba has many devotees all over the world. To worship sai baba statues on Thursday is considered as sai baba day because meaning of Thursday as per Indian people is guruvaar means a day of the Master, God, Instructor or Teacher who helps us how to live our lives in a better way, who help us to fight with all the problems came in our life. Devotees of sai baba know how they teach perfect life with humanitarian principles.

It is said if worship of sai baba done in a perfect way then baba fulfill all the wishes of their devotees, people who live far from temples they cannot go to a temple for worship daily, so worship at home is best for them because God is everywhere if we worship from the heart. In this article, we discuss how to worship sai baba at home in the right way.

  • Keep Sai Baba Statue at Your Home Temple:

    First, to worship sai baba you need to place a sai baba marble statues at your home temple. Placing a baba idol at home feels you their presence in your home, their statue gives positivity at your place.


Sai Baba Marble Statues-Sai Shradha Moorti Art
Sai Baba Marble Statues-Sai Shradha Moorti Art
  • Give Holly Bath to Sai Baba Idol:

    Baba worship is done in the form of their idol, you have seen sai baba marble statues at many temples and you can also have sai baba marble idol at your home temple and you can offer holly bath to baba with freshwater and rose water, some people use mixture of curd, milk and holy water to offer baba holly bath. After holly bath wipes slowly baba idol with a soft cloth. You can use any of these methods for a holly bath. baba allow worship to their devotees in any way with love.

  • Light Lamps (Diyas):

    After a holly bath, you should light two lamps ( diyas) in front of the sai baba marble statue at your home temple, these two lamps represent shardha and saburi it means faith and patient. You can put a good amount of ghee in lamps so that it glows for a long time daily and when the ghee is finished let the lamp turn off naturally.

  • Offer Flowers to Baba:

    Devotees of baba know how much baba like flowers, as plenty of red roses are present in Shirdi, so you can offer red roses to baba at your home temple at the time of worship. You can decorate your home temple with Jasmine and Bakkal flowers as these flowers are also liked by sai baba.

Image: Flowers
  • Offer Food to Sai Baba:

    Offering food daily to a sai baba idol at your home means you can think that baba is in your home like your family member and they are with you all the time. There is no hard and fast rule to offering food to baba, offer any food to baba you made at home with love before you eat.

Image: Prashad Offer to Sai Baba
  • Chant Sai Baba Aarti:

    Chant sai baba aarti at the time you worship at home. You can play audio and try to sing along with the audio of aarti. You will feel positive vibes inside you and your home. After the aarti, you can tell baba about your wish.

  • Buy Right Statue of Sai Baba:

    Last but not least, while buying an idol of sai baba you should know that you are buying the right idol of baba, there are a lot of people selling sai baba idol but at the time of buying sai baba idol, you need to keep mind that dimension of sai baba idol you are going to buy is same as Shirdi sai baba statues dimension and it’s a little hard to find so we would recommend you to buy baba idol from sai shradha moorti art from Jaipur. As they make the finest moortis of god idols and leading artists of making Sai Baba Moorti in marble. They made statues of baba in the same dimensions of Sai Baba Shirdi Murti. They have a wide collection of sai baba idols you can check and order to buy they accept orders from India and outside India.

Keep faith and patience at the time you worship, Sai Baba will fulfill are your wishes soon with this thought I hope all the points we discussed above will help you to worship sai baba at home in the right way.

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